The Shreveport, Louisiana  born model, rapper, songwriter will be one of the most exciting artist the USA  will offer in 2021. 

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Key track: "Bouquet"


Artist Cortell was born Kesean Cortell Lattier on April, 3rd 1997, in Shreveport, Louisiana. Growing up, Cortell was surrounded by a very musically inclined family where he picked up his love of music. Initially starting out as a poet, Cortell took his prolific writing style and turned it into his black book of rhymes. After recording his first song in his uncle's studio, at the age of 12, Cortell knew then that making music would become one of his greatest passions. Over the years, Cortell has progressed in areas such as production, songwriting, photography, videography and so on. In the words of Cortell "My main goal in life is to create content that people can feel, relate, and vibe too; to infinity and beyond." Cortell as an artist has been blessed to express himself in many different art forms. 

Cortell’s first release with Century Records will be the single ”Bouquet”, a lyrical masterpiece, release date February 9th.


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Due to Covid-19 current and future performance dates are cancelled until further notice. Check back soon for future show dates and online virtual performances.


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