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Intelligent Diva


Intelligent Diva. The Industry's newest R&B  songstress nicknames the black Marlyn Monroe. Check back soon for information about Hollywood's newest superstar sensation.

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Key track: "I like what I see"


Intelligent Diva born as Chincia Kenner.,is a new independent artist from Jacksonville Florida  who loves technology, music, writing, art, beauty, fashion with a passion. She's a fan of all kinds of the music genre's  such as R&B, hip hop, gospel, soul , and latin music to name her few. Intelligent Diva considers her favorite era of music to be  from the 90's, where she enjoyed the sounds of Mary J Blidge, Xscape, SWV, and Jade, the list could go on and on. Some of her favorite legends are Patti Labelle , Aretha Franklin, and Tina Turner.

She grew up singing in the church choir, as well as middle and high school chorus where she served as an alto section leader. Singing in several high school competitions, her love for music and passion grew stronger. which led her to landing a regular gig on Wednesday nights as a background singer. Her love for writing is what led to her write rap songs. She is a huge fan of poetry and art. 

After returning to the states, she divorced and became a single parent. where her focused on her  role as an independent single mother.  Therefore, her singing took a backseat, and focus became to create multiple  streams of income to support her daughter. She rejoined  singing in the community choir, which was a outlet for her. Chincia, has a full time career as a IT professional and recently decided that she wanted to add some spice to life, and pursue a career and  in what she loves., which is music. Her goal is to write songs for film and television.  Her most recent song called I like what I see is featured in the movie Flint Tale.


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Intelligent Diva


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Intelligent Diva
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