From Africa the motherland comes Keshy.  Stay tuned for more new music from Century Records

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Key track: "Black and I'm Proud"


From the continent of Africa this young self-made rap/vocal artist along with Century Records will lend his musical gift, a music project that encompasses distinctive lyrics and melodies, resulting an eclectic blend of rap/hiphop sounds with a ground-breaking lyrical intensity on a brand new single “BLACK AND I’M PROUD”. The song deal with the heart breaking struggle of police brutality along with the hardship of dealing with today’s Pandemic Crisis. This song will also showcase the complexity and distinctive sides to KESHY, easily, one of this generation’s major talent for the next five years and beyond. 


Tour Dates

Due to Covid-19 current and future performance dates are cancelled until further notice. Check back soon for future show dates and online virtual performances.

Black and I'm Proud

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