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Tarek Yflamo Single Available May 30th

Updated: May 22

Los Angeles, California - May 21, 2023 – In a promising development for international hip-hop enthusiasts, Tunisian rapper Tarek is set to officially release his new single, "Yflamo", on May 30th. This dynamic track seamlessly fuses Arabic influences with modern hip-hop vibes, reflecting Tarek's Tunisian heritage and his passion for bridging cultures through music.

Growing up in Tunisia, Tarek has made his mark on the music scene with his innovative blend of traditional Arabic melodies and compelling hip-hop rhythms. His lyrics vividly narrate his experiences of growing up in

North Africa, striking a chord with a global audience. "Yflamo" continues this narrative with its powerful and thought-provoking lyrics.

"Yflamo" offers an intimate glimpse into Tarek's perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced by his generation amidst societal change. With potent verses and an infectious melody, the song symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Tarek's unique approach to music has garnered him international recognition, marking him as a pioneer in the global hip-hop scene. "Yflamo" is a testament to his continued ambition to push the boundaries of the genre, making his fans anticipate a thrilling future for his music.

"Yflamo" will be available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, from May 30th. Fans are invited to explore the rhythmic interplay of Arabic melodies and hip-hop beats that form the essence of this groundbreaking track.

Stay updated with Tarek's musical journey by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

Press Contact:

Marcela Solera

Publicity Department, Century Records

About Tarek: Tarek is a Tunisian rapper celebrated for his distinctive fusion of traditional Arabic music and contemporary hip-hop. Known for his emotive lyrics, Tarek is rapidly emerging as a key figure in the global music arena. His music encapsulates the voice of a generation navigating change, introducing a fresh perspective to the world of hip-hop.

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