Sage Mulatto


Sage Mulatto in one of the most versatile artists in the modern era of music

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Key track: "The Long Way"


Producer David Frecklton A.K.A. Sage Mulatto in one of the most versatile artists in the modern era of music. He's a raper, singer, writer, producer and arranger. His music style range from hip-hop to R&B and Pop to electro house. What started as a kid's journey into the music world, driven by a desire to create and explore the industry, has developed into one of the most exciting artist the industry will offer in 2021. Sage’s first release with Century Records will be the single ”The Long Way”, a song that display his seasoned vocal ability along with his perfect timing rap lyrical cadence, release date November 17th.


Tour Dates

Due to Covid-19 current and future performance dates are cancelled until further notice. Check back soon for future show dates and online virtual performances.


The Long Way

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