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Seth Hall is one of the best Pop male vocalist to come on the scene in a long time. Stay tuned for more new music from Century Records

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Key track: "Caught My Eye"


Seth Hall is a 19 year old pop artist from Gainesville, Florida. He has spent ample years working on, and perfecting his craft. Since the age of 8 Seth has been writing and recording music while also learning how to play guitar.  

Because he's a naturally gifted performer, he has begun to gain a following viral from both the east and west coast. Seth has an amazing voice and is known to give his all on the stage and in the studio says recording artist and Century Records executive Aaron Bing, who discovered Seth during a recording session at Century Studios. 

Seth Hall is an artist who have what it takes for longevity in the music and entertainment industry. Meet Seth Hall our newest male pop heart throb. 


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Due to Covid-19 current and future performance dates are cancelled until further notice. Check back soon for future show dates and online virtual performances.

Caught my Eye

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