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Mika Lorie

Mika Lorie


Mika Lorie Asian Pop recording artist. Stay tuned for more new music from Century Records

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Key track: "Make it with You"


Mika Lorie, the exceptionally talented vocalist hailing from the Philippines, has emerged as an international sensation, captivating audiences worldwide from her base in Osaka, Japan. With a voice that echoes the soulful resonance of Whitney Houston, the emotional depth of Celine Dion, and the dynamic presence of Beyoncé, Mika Lorie's brand as a recording artist knows no boundaries.

From her early days, Mika displayed an innate gift for singing, charming friends and family with her powerful and soul-stirring performances. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical influences, including her Filipino roots and a passion for pop, R&B, and contemporary styles, she has meticulously honed her craft, creating a sound that touches the hearts of listeners globally.

Osaka, a city renowned for its vibrant music scene and appreciation for diverse talents, provided the ideal platform for Mika to nurture her artistry. Her electrifying stage presence and ability to effortlessly traverse musical genres have earned her acclaim from audiences of all cultures and ages.

Mika Lorie's rise to prominence caught the attention of Jazz saxophone recording artist Aaron Bing, who recognized her immense potential and became her mentor and producer. With Aaron's guidance and a wealth of industry connections, Mika is now poised to make an indelible mark as a truly international recording artist.

Since embarking on her musical journey, Mika Lorie has been actively recording and releasing an array of captivating tracks that showcase her versatility and vocal prowess. From heartfelt ballads to empowering anthems and infectious pop hits, her music resonates with a diverse global fan base.

As Mika Lorie continues to establish her brand as an international recording artist, she aspires to perform on renowned stages worldwide, collaborate with esteemed artists, and create a lasting legacy in the music industry.

Her unwavering commitment to her art and the immense support from her dedicated team have catapulted Mika Lorie into the spotlight as one of the most promising vocalists of her generation.

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Make it with You
featuring Aaron Bing

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